Use the links below to learn more about the functions of WarRoom:
Modifying Fields - How to add database fields to hold your document metadata
Importing Document Metadata - How to load document metadata from a production (typically a .DAT file)
Importing Image Metadata - How to load image metadata from a production (typically a .LFP file)
Importing OCR / Extracted Text - How to import full text files from a production (typically .TXT files)
Importing PDFs - How to import PDF documents into your database
Exporting Metadata - How to produce a new document metadata load file (.DAT)
Exporting Images - How to produce new images along with an image load file (.LFP)
Exporting OCR / Extracted Text - How to produce new full text / OCR files (.TXT)
Tagging Documents - How to tag documents in your database and search based on tags
Tag Administration and Search - How to manage, search, and export your tags
Prepare database for iOS - How to prepare your database for use on an iPhone or iPad using the WarRoom Mobile app
Tally a field - How to filter a particular field based on the values contained therein
Global Replace - How to find and replace across fields in the entire database
Viewing Native Files - How to view native files that are linked from a database field
Find Duplicates - How to search your database for duplicates and tag them automatically
Index Search - How to use the powerful index search with Boolean operators and wildcard searching
Scan Paper - How to scan paper documents

If you like WarRoom, make sure to check out WarRoom Mobile for iPhone and iPad! It is available free on the iTunes App Store: