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Use the links below to learn more about the functions of WarRoom:

Modifying Fields - How to add database fields to hold your document data

Importing Document Data - How to load document data from a production (typically a .DAT file)

Importing Image Data - How to load image data from a production (typically a .LFP file)

Importing OCR - How to import full text files from a production (typically .TXT files)

Importing PDFs - How to import PDF documents into your database

Exporting Data - How to produce a new document data load file (.DAT)

Exporting Images - How to produce new images along with an image load file (.LFP)

Exporting OCR - How to produce new full text OCR files (.TXT)

Tagging Documents - How to tag documents in your database and search based on tags

Searching Documents - How to search across and within your documents