WarRoom OS X


About WarRoom:

WarRoom® is a lightweight but powerful document review tool for litigation support. WarRoom is designed for attorneys and litigation support professionals who need an easy-to-use system for loading metadata and images from an electronic document production.

“WarRoom is an amazing program. E-discovery solutions are virtually nonexistent for OS X and WarRoom has now filled that need. WarRoom is easy to use and packed with great features.”
– Bradford J. Black, Black Chang & Hamill LLP

In these days of electronic discovery and massive document reviews, most major law firms have agreed on a standard for their productions. Typically these productions consist of a document metadata load file, an image metadata load file, and a folder full of single page image files. Without expensive database software (none of which is available for OS X), a production like this would be useless to you. Now, with WarRoom, you can have the same tools at a fraction of the cost.

WarRoom runs on OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.10 Yosemite, and provides many advanced features:

Easily create your document database structure
• Create up to 50 database fields
• Field values can contain text, numbers, or dates (various formats)
• Sync your WarRoom databases across your Macs and iOS devices using iCloud

Import document metadata with ease
• Load document metadata from delimited text files (.DAT or .TXT) using any standard delimiting character
• Load images and associated metadata from .LFP, .OPT, or .LOG files (supports single or multi page Tiffs)
• Import PDF files directly into your project*

Make your document review painless
• Review documents in Browse, Table, or Split Screen mode
• Search document full text instantly, or construct a form search for deeper searching
• Search within the text of a document to highlight hits
• Globally search and replace text across all records
• Tally a field’s values for quick filtering of records
• Built in Image Viewer can be launched in a separate window (supports dual displays)
• Preview native files linked from a database field and view OCR / extracted text directly in the Image Viewer

Organize your documents and hide privileged information
• Tag documents with various issues, and search based on your tags
• Redact sensitive information on images and optionally make the redactions permanent

Export only what you would like to produce
• Export extracted text / OCR to text files (.TXT)
• Export images to multi-page PDFs or single page TIFF image files with an associated image metadata load file (.LFP)
• Export document metadata to a delimited text file (.DAT)

• Supported document metadata load file formats: Concordance / Relativity (.DAT) or any delimited text file (.TXT)
• Supported image metadata load file formats: iPro (.LFP**), Opticon (.OPT), or Relativity (.LOG)
• 100% compatible with WarRoom Mobile for iOS files

Things WarRoom does not do:
• WarRoom does not currently import or process “native” files for electronic discovery.
• WarRoom does not currently OCR documents
• WarRoom does not currently support multi-user, networked environments.
• WarRoom is currently English only.

*In order to capture the full text of PDFs into your database, they must already be full-text searchable PDFs.

**Please note that the following .LFP codes are not currently supported by WarRoom: LC, IO, IA, FD, IN, IS, FT, OT, OF, OI, DT, RT, DA, SR, and RS.

WarRoom Screenshots: