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WarRoom 2.4.1 and WarRoom Mobile 1.1.0

Good news! New versions of WarRoom for both OS X and iOS have been released. The big new feature is iCloud sync! Now you can start a database on your Mac and continue working on it on your iPad or iPhone seamlessly.

WaRoom 2.4.0

WarRoom 2.4.0 is out now. This release contains a number of bug fixes and UI fixes, including a critical fix for Mavericks users!

WarRoom 2.3.5 and WarRoom Mobile 1.0.12

WarRoom 2.3.5 and WarRoom Mobile 1.0.12 are available now. Lots of bug fixes, including a critical bug for field names. Thanks for your patience while we fixed this!

WarRoom 2.3.3 now available

– Lots of bugs squished
– Yosemite optimizations
– Updated Help documentation
– NEW! Now you can preview the header from your metadata load file to check what delimiters to use directly within WarRoom. See Help for more details.

WarRoom 2.3.2

WarRoom 2.3.2 available now on the MAS! Bug fix for loading and exporting metadata when using Yosemite

WarRoom Mobile 1.0.11

WarRoom Mobile 1.0.11 available now… Minor bug fixes, iOS 8 only.

WarRoom Mobile 1.0.10

WarRoom Mobile 1.0.10 is available now on iTunes. iOS 8 compatibility and iCloud Drive!

WarRoom 2.3.1

WarRoom 2.3.1 is going live on the Mac App Store now. Yosemite support! Yum.

WarRoom 2.3.0 and WarRoom Mobile 1.0.9

WarRoom 2.3.0 and WarRoom Mobile 1.0.9 available now! Tons of great new features and fixes for all your OS X / iOS lit support needs.

WarRoom 2.2.0

Happy New Year! WarRoom 2.2.0 is available for download now. Bug fixes and burn in image keys option added.