Monthly Archives: June 2012

1.0.4 on the Mac App Store now

1.0.4 has been released to the Mac App Store. This release contains a number of bug fixes. There is an outstanding bug, though, that can cause text to be truncated in some longer fields. This bug is fixed in the next release.

Speaking of which, version 1.1.0 has been submitted to Apple for review! This is a big release, which not only corrects the aforementioned bug, but also contains some neat new features:

1) Import PDFs! Finally, you can import PDF files directly into your project. If they are already full text searchable, you can capture the full text as part of the import.

2) Support for multi-page Tiffs. Now you can load productions that were made using multi-page tiff files (as well as single page). WarRoom supports importing .LFP and .LOG image load files that target multi-page tiffs.

This release also contains a slew of bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug that caused long fields to be truncated in the Browse View
-Tiff conversion no longer downsamples the resolution on images
-Fixed a bug that caused a crash if you changed pages or cancelled a print job with an annotation selected in an image
-The image viewer now correctly reports when an image has been changed
-Fixed a bug that kept the Find function from displaying in some situations
-Various other small bug fixes

1.0.4 and 1.1.0 updates

Hello! Apple is currently in the process of reviewing the 1.0.4 update to WarRoom. This update contains more small bug fixes.

As soon as that update has made it into the store, I will be submitting 1.1.0 for review. This will be a much more significant update that will finally bring support for multi-page TIFF files to WarRoom!

There are also a number of bugs squished in this next release. One of the most significant bugs causes your OCR to get truncated in longer documents in the Browse view. Rest assured that the OCR itself is still complete in the database and is still being indexed and searched correctly… it just isn’t being displayed in its entirety. The 1.1.0 update will correct this issue, along with a lot of other obnoxious bugs.

Thanks for you patience while we get these big updates out to you. If you have found any bugs or have a feature request please submit them to us!