WarRoom Mobile


About WarRoom Mobile:

WarRoom® is a lightweight but powerful document review tool for litigation support. WarRoom is designed for attorneys and litigation support professionals who need an easy-to-use system for loading images and data from an electronic document production.

In these days of electronic discovery and massive document reviews, most major law firms have agreed on a standard for their productions. Typically these productions consist of a “data” file, an “images” file, and a folder full of single page tiff image files. Without expensive database software (none of which is available for iOS), a production like this would be useless to you. Now, with WarRoom, you can have the same tools at a fraction of the cost.

WarRoom provides many advanced features:

Easily create your document database structure
• Create up to 50 database fields
• Field values can contain text, numbers, or dates (various formats)
• Sync your WarRoom databases across your Macs and iOS devices using iCloud

Import document metadata with ease
• Load document metadata from delimited text files (.DAT or .TXT) using any standard delimiting character
• Load images and associated metadata from .LFP, .OPT, or .LOG files (supports single page Tiffs only)
• Import PDF files directly into your project*

Make your document review painless
• Search document full text instantly, or construct a form search for deeper searching
• Search within the text of a document to highlight hits
• Built in Image Viewer

Organize your documents
• Tag documents with various issues, and search based on your tags

Export only what you would like to produce
• Export full text OCR from documents to .TXT text files
• Export images to multi-page .PDF or single page .TIFF image files with an associated image metadata load file (.LFP)
• Export document metadata to a delimited text .DAT file

• Supported document metadata load file formats: Concordance / Relativity (.DAT) or any delimited text file (.TXT)
• Supported image metadata load file formats: iPro (.LFP**), Opticon (.OPT), or Relativity (.LOG)
• 100% compatible with WarRoom for OS X files

Things WarRoom does not do:
• WarRoom does not currently import or process “native” files for electronic discovery.
• WarRoom does not currently OCR documents
• WarRoom does not currently support multi-user, networked environments.
• WarRoom is currently English only.

*In order to capture the full text of PDFs into your database, they must already be full-text searchable PDFs. WarRoom does not currently OCR documents.

**Please note that the following .LFP codes are not currently supported by WarRoom: LC, IO, IA, FD, IN, IS, FT, OT, OF, OI, DT, RT, DA, SR, and RS.

WarRoom Mobile Screenshots:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 3, 2013, 2.55.31 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 3, 2013, 2.54.51 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 3, 2013, 2.53.29 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 3, 2013, 2.50.40 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 3, 2013, 2.49.42 PM